What you can do to make your next roadtrip wildlife friendly


Most of the wildlife killed on Tasmanian roads is hit between dusk and dawn.

Driving at 60km/hr or less on country roads between dusk and dawn will give you a good chance of seeing an animal and being able to slow down safely to avoid it.


Tasmanian Roadkill Statistics

  • Estimated roadkill per year: 293,000
  • Brushtailed possum: 108,543
  • Pademelon: 28,854
  • Wallaby: 15,829
  • Tasmanian devil: 3,392
  • Average roadkill density: 1 animal every 3 kms
  • Average roadkill per driver per year: 1
  • 32 animals killed every hour (average for the year)
  • 50% of roadkill happens where vehicles travel over 80 km/hr

Latest News

Results of a survey into wildlife warning signage (852 kb pdf)

Spread the message - borrow our new banners for your open day and help drivers to reduce Tasmania's roadkill toll.

Save the Tasmanian Devil Program Roadkill Project

The following organisations kindly support efforts to reduce roadkill in Tasmania

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