Roadkill Black Spot Maps and GPS Downloads

Maps of Roadkill Black Spots

Look at these map regions before your journey to identify high roadkill areas. [Click on links for printable maps]

Tasmania map

'Point of Interest' locations for car GPS OR SatNav

Free POI files can be downloaded to a vehicle GPS and will alert a driver when high roadkill areas are being approached. Reducing speed to less than 80km/h in these areas is advised.

High density Hotspots: An average of 1 roadkill every km

Download POI file

...or you can select a higher level of alerts. Frequent drivers may like to consider this option.

Medium density areas: An average of 1 roadkill every 2 km

Download POI file

Note: The alert location on your GPS may not appear on the road exactly. Thus reducing speed at night for 1-2 kilometers after the alert is advised.

Roadkill Species by Region Maps

These are some of the most commonly encountered species on Tasmanian roads
Note: Northwest region - no data collected

Brushtailed possum

Bennett's wallaby

Tasmanian pademelon

Tasmanian devil

The following organisations kindly support efforts to reduce roadkill in Tasmania

parks & wildlife Bonorong Wildlife Park RentForLess RACT - Help when you need it most